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Year 4

Hi there, welcome to Year 4!

Our class teacher this year is Mr Stewart and our teaching assistant is Mrs Haskins.

In English this term we have been writing fantasy stories, imagery poems and formal letters of complaint. Mr Stewart especially enjoyed reading our letters of complaint where we were able to talk about why we would like even more new books in the book corner, what different meals we could eat at lunchtime and what new playground equipment we would like.
In Shared Reading, we are following the school’s ‘Mastery’ approach and have been reading deeper into extracts taken from our class book. We have been learning how to use direct quotations from the text as evidence to support the point we are making in our answer. This will help us in our reading assessments. Our book for Spring 1 is 'Varjak Paw'.

In Maths, we are continuing to look into Number and Place Value. We have been developing the skills needed when carrying out Multiplication and Division and we will then be continuing onto fractions. We have been using lots of new methods, such as a Place Value Chart and the Grid Method, to help us with our understanding in these areas.

We are very excited about upcoming Science work on electricity where we will be making and testing our own electric circuits with a selection of different components.

We have a very exciting range of topics in KUW as well. By the end of the year, in our History sessions, we will have learnt about the Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks as well as the Anglo-Saxons. In our Geography sessions we cover work on climate, North and South America and how to locate ourselves and navigate around the world.

Our favourite activity in our DT lessons this year so far has been making Greek salad! We chose which ingredients we would like to use and how we would prepare the salad and serve it. They were delicious!

Here you can see our Expectations Meeting Presentation:
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