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Welcome to Reception! This is a place where we offer the very best start to children’s education by providing rich opportunities and experiences. Our learning environment enables children to grow in confidence and independence as well as develop skills to become lifelong learners.

This half term our topic has been ‘Out and About’ where we have been finding out about different places around the world. We started off by looking at where we live and had a close look at London as part of the jubilee celebrations. We even had Paddington Bear visit us for snack time where he shared his marmalade sandwiches! We have been exploring where our parents come from and even tasting food from different cultures. 



We are currently reading books where we are practising reading simple sentences and focusing on understanding the text. We practise talking about what we have read and making predictions. We have also been focusing on non-fiction books about different countries and sea creatures, as well as fiction such as Shark in the Park and Smiley Shark.



We can now recognise and write all the single set 1 sounds. We are focusing on forming letters correctly using the correct starting and ending points. In readiness for year 1, we are focusing on the size of our letters, making sure the ascenders and descenders are formed correctly. We have been practising making lists of characters in a story and describing our favourite characters.



In Maths, we have started to write in Maths books! We are trying really hard to write the numbers correctly in each square. Most of the children are solving 5 a day questions which helps us develop our mental maths!     

As part of our weekly focus on Healthy eating, we have been making fruit smoothies! The children were able to work with their parent which was fantastic! We also had a sleep therapist talking about good sleeping patterns to ensure the children are ready to learn when they are in school! 

There have been many highlight events this half term such as:- the visit from Paddington Bear, the Jubilee Party, the Healthy Heroes’ parent workshop and the ice cream van in the playground!

Speech, language and communication skills are crucial to young children's overall development. Being able to speak clearly and process speech sounds, to understand others, to express ideas and interact with others are fundamental building blocks for a child's development.
At CLC MAT we use a speech and language tool kit called WELCOMM. It is a language programme that is designed to help screen children's speech and language skills and to help provide immediate support where required. 
Find below some practical activities to support your child's development:
Recommended reading list for Reception