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Year 3

Hello from Year 3!

Our teacher this year is Mrs Rahman. Our teaching assistants are Miss Plummer and Mrs Mohamed.

Our classroom is very child friendly and cosy. You will find an interactive whiteboard, a welcoming reading corner to relax and indulge a thirst for books and displays to help the children's learning.
Throughout Year 3 we cover many interesting, exciting topics.

Over the school year we do the following six topics:

> Aut 1 - Stone Age and ‘All about Humans’ in science
> Aut 2 – “Can the earth shake, rattle and roll?” understanding earthquakes and volcanoes and Forces and Magnets in science
> Spring 1 - Iron Age and Rocks and Soils
> Spring 2 – “How does the water go round and round” name and locate some of the world’s most significant rivers and mountain environments and learn about how rivers and mountains are formed – Science- All about plants
> Summer 1 – The Egyptians and Animals in science
> Summer 2 - “Do you like to be by the seaside?” Name and locate countries and cities of the United Kingdom and Light and Shadow in science

Recently in Year 3
Year 3 has had a very busy start to the year. We have been working extremely hard and have already been learning lots of exciting things. In our History topic we are currently learning about The Iron and Bronze Ages. We have also been learning about the Bronze and Iron Age communities and their way of life from different sources and have had a go at making our very own roundhouses!

Recently, Year 3 have made their own coil pots as part of their art topic, using ideas and themes from the Bronze Age developing their mastery over skills in designing and sculpting.
The children have also been learning all about rocks and soils in science, taking part in fossil hunts and analysing different rocks and soils under the microscope!

Here you can see our Expectations Meeting Presentation:
Recommended reading list for Year 3