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At Cromwell School, we believe that English should be at the heart of all aspects of school life. Our English curriculum is designed to develop children’s love of reading, writing and discussion and prepare our learners for life as successful, valuable and socially responsible citizens.

Our children’s journey begins through carefully planned activities in the Early Years to develop and enhance the children’s speaking and listening skills. Through creative puppetry sessions, the children’s imagination grows alongside their spoken English.

Each half term, our writing is centred around a clear purpose for writing, through two identified genres. A clear sequence of planned lessons, based around Pie Corbett’s phases for writing, develops our children’s love of this subject. This is supported by a focus on handwriting (appropriate pencil grip) from the Early Years, and regular grammar starters.

Our children regularly participate in competitions through 'Young Writer's, with many having their work published in a book.

We try to ensure that our children are able to write for a real-life purpose whenever possible. This includes writing persuasive letters to CEOs of large supermarkets to reduce palm oil usage; letters to MPs regarding their views on the refugee crisis; and letters to the PM to voice concerns regarding carbon emissions and climate change.

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