Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 page

Our teacher this year is Mrs Sultana with our teaching assistant Miss Plummer.

Following on from our week on multiplication we have now started to explore the inverse of multiplication and look at division. Maths language we have been using include ‘sharing,’ ‘groups of,’ ‘sharing equally,’ ‘equal groups of,’ ‘divided by,’ and ‘divided into.’ We have been moving objects into equal groups and also making the big step of looking at how multiplication and division are related. Keep working on those times table x2, x3, x5 and x10 at home as the more adept the children are at knowing their times tables and related division facts, the easier subsequent learning in multiplication and division will be.
In Literacy this half term we are looking at stories with familiar settings and writing diary recounts. Children are getting ready to write their own story and diary recount based around Bill’s New Frock.

In our topic work during this term we will be looking at ‘John Cadbury’. We are extremely excited about our trip to Cadbury world to learn all about how chocolate is made and how Cadbury’s was developed in Bournville.

In our Art and Design technology work we will be constructing different structures and exploring paint through mixing primary colours and creating secondary colours.

RE will have us looking closely at living by the rules and exploring it through different religious traditions.

PSHE involves us looking at money and how it is used for different wants and needs.

Our Science is all about plants, what they need to stay healthy, what foods they produce and investigating their growth rates.

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