Places available at Cromwell Nursery - Contact the school office for more information.

Take a look around our school

We have tried our hardest to bring this fabulous old building to life with murals, carpets, animals, resource rooms... well take a look around and see what we've achieved lately.

We have a fair few animals to share the space with us here at Cromwell. We have fish in every class and many other animals to keep the children (and staff) educated about animal wellbeing. The Early Years have chickens, rabbits and budgies in their playground and we have bearded dragons, fish, terrapins, tortoises and geckos throughout our corridoors. It's a big job to look after them all but Ashley is our animal technician and he spends time with them EVERY DAY (even Christmas Day!) to make sure they are well fed and watered and have a clean environment to live in. A big thanks to you Ashley!
At Cromwell we understand the need for children to relax, exercise and play and we are lucky enough to have a variety of areas to suit the needs of all children.

You may prefer to simply sit and relax with your friends at breaktimes. We have seats and benches all over the grounds at Cromwell, some in the busy playground where you can watch your peers play and some in our wooded area where you can chat with your friends or the squirrels and birds that visit us.

We have a Trim Trail in both KS2 and KS1 playgrounds. At playtime we might be playing football in the cage or on the field with a coach or you might find us clambering all over this new equipment. It's soft underneath in case we fall.

If you like basketball, football, skipping games, climbing games...then you can be sure Cromwell has something to offer you at playtime. We get lots of equipment out to play with (diablos, cup-and-ball games, stilt walkers...) or you can choose to play on the field, in the cage or on the trail. There'll be something to fill your free time at Cromwell.