At Cromwell Primary School we have strived to maintain excellent standards in the teaching and learning of science. In order to meet national expectations for our children we have invested in the Collin’s Snap Science scheme. This scheme is one which evolves to ensure teachers are always up-to-date with any changes to the new curriculum.

As part of our assessment routine we have recently introduced the Rising Stars material which helps teachers to track pupil progress throughout each topic.
In addition to meeting the statutory requirements we aim to reinforce our children’s learning through the use of Enrichment Lessons. These lessons aim to give the children the investigative opportunities to plug any gaps in learning, too.

Our long term plans for Science across the school can be found on our curriculum overview documents on our introduction page.
To view our knowledge organisers for each topic, click on the relevant year groups below:
To foster collaborative thinking and higher order skills, we have put a significant focus on language development in science. To support children with this and towards the improvement of conceptual understanding, we encourage children to complete the science holiday homework tasks before a new unit of study has begun. Your support in enabling the children to achieve this is greatly appreciated.