Pupil Voice (School Council)

At Cromwell, we have an active School Council whose views are sought on all matters regarding children’s learning and school improvement. There are two School Council members in each class, a total of twelve councillors altogether. We meet regularly with Miss Prosser to discuss issues and make plans for future events.

In November 2017, the whole School took part in ‘Parliament Week’ to raise awareness of the importance of Parliament and why we have a democratic system in Britain. Every class took part in debating sessions. We were lucky enough to be visited by a local Birmingham City Counsellor, Yvonne Mosquito, who told us about her job role and how she ensures she is always working hard to help the people of Birmingham get their voices heard. We had PSHE lessons looking into the Houses of Parliament and why democracy is important. We also wrote our own manifestos about why we should become the next School Council members and were able to visit our very own Polling Station in the Small Hall to vote for our new School Council!

The new members were announced and presented with their School Council Badges (which we wear with pride!) and our very own School Council folders, where we are able to keep our notes from our meetings.

Our first job as School Council members was to carry out questionnaires to ask children what Sports Clubs they would like to take part in during lunchtimes. We took our questionnaires into the playground and ensured everyone who wished to vote had their say. These votes were passed onto Miss Bi to ensure our voices were heard.

On Tuesday 23rd January 2018, the School Council visited the Birmingham City Council House. We had a tour around the building to see where the Birmingham City Councillors carry out all of their important work. We were lucky enough to see the Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor Anne Underwood. We were then even able to sit in her chair and have our photo taken!

In the Summer Term, we will also be visiting the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. We will have a tour of Houses of Parliament where we will be able go into the House of Commons and the House of Lords and take part in a workshop to help us develop our skills of being successful School Councillors.

Throughout the year, we organise lots of great fundraising opportunities for the school to ensure we help those less fortunate than ourselves whenever we can.